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Preparation of environmental permits is one of the primary functions of Source Environmental Sciences, Inc.

During the past few years, Source has prepared environmental permits or related studies for over 200 separate facilities. Normally Source has twenty or more permit applications in preparation or under agency review at any one time. All permits are prepared in strict compliance with environmental regulations by a professional staff of consultants with experience and education as engineers and scientists.

Air Permits

SOURCE has prepared both federal and state air quality permit applications for client facilities located across the nation. All permit applications are prepared by experienced environmental consultants with engineering degrees and scientists who have extensive training in quantifying air emissions from a wide variety of sources. Highly qualified senior personnel at Source maintain close working relationships with federal, state and local agency personnel, enabling them to negotiate permit terms and conditions effectively on behalf of the firm's clients. Most importantly, the project team structure of Source enables its consultants with engineering degrees and scientists to provide immediate, individualized response to client problems, which aids both in communicating information and in expediting progress on each permit application.

Source takes great pride in the technical quality and professional appearance of the air quality permit applications it prepares. All figures, diagrams, charts, and maps are prepared using computer aided design (CAD) programs. Source environmental consultants prepare detailed and concise process descriptions and Best Available Control Technology (BACT) analyses which help regulatory agency personnel understand the details of each project, thereby enabling these personnel to issue permits in a timely manner. Skilled meteorologists, physicists and mathematicians use state-of-the-art computer programs to perform air dispersion modeling studies. Source maintains an extensive library of environmental regulations, texts, technical papers, manuals, and reports which allows its environmental consultants and scientists to provide clients with detailed and up-to-date information regarding the various regulatory, permitting, and control technology issues associated with each project.

Wastewater Permits

Wastewater permit applications including National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), storm water discharge and state and local water district permits are prepared by the Source engineering staff. These wastewater permits are usually prepared for industrial clients who often rely upon Source to (1) assist in the conceptual design of treatment facilities, (2) help develop vendor bid specifications, and (3) aid in the selection firms to perform the actual design and construction of wastewater facilities. The Source staff, in conjunction with TEAM technical personnel, also perform wastewater monitoring and sampling services.

Hazardous Waste Permits

Source provides environmental consulting and permitting services to clients for the design, construction and operation of hazardous waste storage and disposal facilities. During the 1980's Source was actively involved in the preparation of RCRA Part A and B hazardous waste permits for facilities with above-ground tanks and drum storage areas. Now that most existing facilities have their permit applications filed, Source concentrates its hazardous waste services on preparing permit amendments and hazardous waste site closure plans.

Source also has exceptional qualifications and experience in performing air quality services for hazardous waste facilities. This includes air emission calculations, control technology analyses, atmospheric dispersion modeling, air quality impact analyses and expert testimony. Source is often used by other engineering and consulting firms to prepare the air quality portions of their hazardous waste permit applications .

Miscellaneous Permits and Governmental Filings

Because Source works with governmental agencies and regulations on a daily basis, the firm often prepares, submits and negotiates miscellaneous permits and governmental filings for its clients. These permits and filings include environmental impact statements for the U.S. EPA, filings and statements for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, dredge and fill permits for the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as local flood control permits, solid waste permits under state health department programs and miscellaneous other permits and filings in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

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