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Source performs a variety of site evaluation services such as determining the preferred location of new plants, analyzing compliance of existing plants with environmental regulations, inspecting sites prior to purchase to expose potential environmental problems, examining structures for asbestos and performing detailed analyses of overall environmental impacts from the new plant.

The Source site evaluation team has been actively performing site evaluations for the past five years. The evaluation team, in addition to education and training in environmental sciences, possesses specialized training in hazardous waste management, personnel safety and asbestos sampling. Furthermore, the team is capable of performing all necessary site evaluation activities from collecting soil or ground water samples to managing contractors during site remediation and clean-up.

Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I and II environmental site assessments are performed by Source, usually in conjunction with the transfer or leasing of real property. A Phase I assessment includes an historical review of the property, analysis of all permits and environmental agency actions, review of adjacent areas for underground storage tanks or hazardous waste activities and a walk-over inspection of the site to locate any visible signs of contamination. A Phase II assessment involves soil and water sampling and additional work to determine the nature and extent of any problems found during the Phase I assessment. When necessary, the Source staff will manage the Phase III activities of a project, which pertain to remediation of the problems encountered. The Source site evaluation team has performed numerous site assessments for gas and oil processing facilities, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, high-rise offices, apartment developments, vacant land and many other types of property. The team can perform its site assessment services on short notice and always at reasonable cost. Source's site assessment services, which are of extremely high quality, are in demand by well known law firms, banks and real estate management firms.

Environmental Compliance Evaluations

Environmental compliance evaluations include a complete review of a client's facility to determine if it is in compliance with environmental regulations. Most evaluations are performed for firms desiring up-to-date knowledge of their operations. When performing a compliance evaluation, experienced Source personnel from each environmental discipline (air, water and waste) are utilized. Comprehensive checklists are made and all findings are referenced to a particular regulatory requirement. Both a verbal and a comprehensive written report are prepared for each evaluation.

Asbestos Inspections and Management Plans

Many real estate management companies, lenders and real estate attorneys are now requiring that asbestos inspections be performed at non-residential property being sold or leased. The asbestos inspectors from SOURCE are certified via EPA approved training courses. They take special care to collect samples from locations that will cause the least damage to the property being inspected. Proper chain-of- custody procedures are followed with each sample from the time the sample is collected until it is analyzed at the laboratory. The asbestos services performed by Source include visual building surveys, development of asbestos sampling plans and analyses of suspected asbestos containing building materials as well as evaluation of survey results. Source can also prepare asbestos management plans for the removal, repair or encapsulation of asbestos materials in buildings; develop operations and maintenance plans; train custodial personnel and building occupants; and provide building owners with options and cost estimates for asbestos abatement programs. The firm's experience and specialization in air quality makes Source especially well qualified to perform asbestos air monitoring operations and studies. Studies of indoor and outdoor air flow and dispersion of airborne asbestos fibers are also within the scope of Source's normal air quality services.

Environmental Impact Statements and Reports

An integral part of the permitting process for many major new facilities is the preparation of environmental impact statements or reports. Source provides both technical and managerial assistance in the scoping, negotiation, preparation and defense of environmental impact statements or reports. A typical environmental impact statement or report requires assessments for the technical disciplines listed below. Source has in-house expertise to handle the physical and biological issues and some of the socioeconomic topics. For other issues such as archaeology and public health, outside consultants are often used.

Physical Environment Socio-Economic Environment

  • Geology/Topography and Soils   
  • Population and Housing
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Groundwater Resources       
  • Community Services
  • Surface Water Resources
  • Air Quality/Climatology
  • Public Utilities
  • Odor
  • Public Health
  • Traffic
  • Economics
  • Noise
  • Energy Use/Conservation
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology
  • Archaeology  

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